Utilizing Orthoses to Optimize Patient Outcomes

Virginia Prosthetics & Orthotics is proud to sponsor this Orthotic Bracing course to area Physical Therapists. The presentation includes dinner and is offered at no charge to participants. This seminar will cover orthotic bracing including AFOs, KAFOs, SCOs, and SSCOs. In addition, we will also discuss the C-Brace, the first microprocessor KAFO designed to provide a new level of safety and a more natural gait than ever before. The participants will gain understanding of what happens during gait cycle in relation to the orthoses, and how patients can activate the system they are wearing. The course will provide therapy suggestions for providing increased safety, stability, and activation of the systems according to patient needs and system requirements.

Objectives - At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

Determine patient candidates for Stance Control as well as Swing and Stance Control patients.

List three types of Stance Control activation and understand what each type requires for occurrence.

Differentiate between the gait phases and how the C-Brace® System is working respectively.

Design an individualized gait training based on physical findings of the user and the technical possibilities the C-Brace® System offers.

Teach the patient how to walk with the System and operate it in different activities (motoric control).

Describe the likelihood of outcomes for the patient.