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Virginia Prosthetics' board-certified practitioners are highly skilled, experienced prosthetists. Their knowledge, training and experience enable Virginia Prosthetics to offer patients a wide variety of the latest prosthetic services, procedures, and devices.

Prosthetics Information:

Patient & Physician Interviews

We’ve been helping people believe in their possibilities, we’ve been privileged to work with countless great patients and medical professionals.

What Should I Expect

You Are Not Alone. The thought of losing a limb due to disease or awakening from a traumatic amputation can be daunting experience for many people.


Our primary goal at Virginia Prosthetics is to provide our patients with the proper orthotic or prosthetic devices to enable them to regain their lives and mobility.

Prosthetic Products

There is no one solution which is the right prosthesis for everyone. Each client has their own unique needs which will demand individual solutions.

Prosthetics Fabrication

Virginia Prosthetics is proud to distinguish itself from many other O&P providers in that we have our own central fabrication facility.