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During the pandemic Medicaid implemented continuous member eligibility and did not require revalidation. Medicaid will resume revalidations, effective March 31, 2023. It is important to revalidate your information so you don't lose coverage.
  • Update your contact information by clicking here or calling 1-888-221-1590.
  • Be on the lookout for mail related to your medicaid coverage.
  • Failure to respond can result in loss of medical coverage.

We've led more than 50,000 Amputees down the Path to Recovery

Throughout the 50 years that we’ve been helping people believe in their possibilities, we’ve been privileged to work with countless great patients and medical professionals.

Virginia Prosthetics & Orthotics now has 15 convenient Office and Clinic locations throughout Virginia. We're here to help you and are located where you need us, and are ready when you need us.

Our patients live their lives to the fullest and we are committed to seeing that they have the opportunity to resume whatever activities they enjoyed before their rehabilitation.

We Are Virginia's Oldest and Largest Orthotics & Prosthetics Services Provider

As an ABC-accredited facility in business since 1966, we've led more than 50,000 amputees down the path to recovery, leaving behind the trauma and emotion that new amputees often experience. Whether you're the patient, or it's a loved one facing an amputation, having the support and guidance of someone who's already traveled down the same road makes the journey to recovery that much smoother.

One of the most important decisions any orthotic patient or amputee makes is choosing an O&P provider who can best serve them. There are many O&P companies, but just as in any service industry, some are much better at providing a superior service. Your relationship with your provider will be a lifelong experience and it should be one that instills confidence and satisfaction.

Strengthening our profession is our philosophy.


With 15 Office & Clinic Locations In Virginia, We're right Where You Need Us!

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When it's time to begin working with a prosthetist, your primary care provider may recommend a practice. But ultimately, the choice is YOURS!! You have the right to choose any provider in Virginia who participates in your health plan. Call us today to make an appointment!


Virginia Prosthetics & Orthotics opens new office in Richmond, Va.

Updated March 6th 2020

Virginia Prosthetics & Orthotics provides Covid-19 information on our home page.

Updated April 28th 2020

Virginia Prosthetics & Orthotics increases it's social media presence.

Updated April 28th 2020

Virginia Prosthetics is proud to be a founding member of the Virginia Orthotic and Prosthetic Association. (V.O.P.A) Join us at

We are dedicated to the association of certified Orthotic and Prosthetic Firms, Practitioners and Technicians. These members provide exceptional care in the orthotic and prosthetic services in the state of Virginia.

We encourage every Virginia O&P provider to be a member of V.O.P.A. Only by joining together can we form a cohesive, unified voice with a defined agenda that can promote professionalism and protect our patients.

  • Douglas Call CP, President

    Doug Call is president of Virginia Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc, and a certified prosthetist. Doug is a graduate of Radford University, Radford, Va., and earned his Certificate of Prosthetics from Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago.

The Ultimate Body Shop

Knowledge, training and experience enable Virginia Prosthetics and Orthotics to offer patients a wide variety of the latest prosthetic services, procedures, and devices.

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One of the most important decisions any orthotic patient or amputee makes is choosing an O&P provider who can best serve them.
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Virginia Prosthetics and Orthotics has always believed that an integral component of a successful business is a commitment to community service, philanthropic endeavors and accreditations.