Lower Extremity Sports Devices

These are just a few of the many Sports Adaptive Devices available

Freedom Innovations - Freestyle Swim Foot

Go from walking to swimming with the simple push of a button. A single adjustment moves the ankle from a 3/8" heel height setting for walking to 70° plantar flexion for swimming. No tools required! Used in conjunction with the LP Symes Prosthetic Foot, the product is sold with a cosmetic foot shell to protect the system. A protective rubber cap is snapped over the ankle for further protection from the elements.

Freedom Innovations - Catapult Running Foot

The newly redesigned RHEO 3 KNEE® is an advanced prosthetic device that liberates its users to focus on their chosen activity, instead of having to think about how they are walking. New developments in Össur's proven bionic technology mean that the RHEO KNEE can recognize and respond even better to the most subtle changes in walking speed and terrain.

Using sophisticated artificial intelligence, it continuously learns and adapts to an amputee's walking style and environment. As a result, it restores people's ability to walk naturally, comfortably and confidently at any speed.

Freedom Innovations - Slalom Foot

The Slalom Ski Foot is the first prosthetic foot designed to be quickly and easily inserted directly into a ski binding - just step in and go. The Slalom eliminates the need for a ski boot and can be configured to fit most standard ski bindings. It provides flexibility, shock absorption and fluid motion without the rigid shock normally experienced by amputee skiers.

Ossur - Flex Run with Nike Sole

The Flex-Run with Nike Sole offers unmatched performance and efficiency for amputees. Össur and Nike have partnered to design the ideal running foot from the ground up, leveraging Össur’s unmatched expertise in running prosthetics with Nike’s world renowned traction and sole technologies.The improved Flex-Run features a longer toe lever and efficient energy return. The Nike Sole offers great traction to help improve performance for the runner.

Ossur - Flex Run Junior with Nike Sole

The Flex-Run Junior is a custom designed solution for children. Its vertical compliance and efficient energy return are musthaves for high active children. Designed to be the most flexible of the running feet, the Flex-Run Junior offers increased cushioning and lower-frequency dynamic makes this foot ideal for Transfemoral and Transtibial users. The Nike Sole is designed to offer increased stability and smooth natural rollover.

Ossur - Cheetah with Nike Spike Pad

Cheetah Xtreme is the blade of choice for the world's fastest runners. It is the optimal short-distance sprinting foot, and helped win multiple world records. Designed specifically for fast, short-distance sprints, the carbon blade features a more extreme curve than the other Cheetahs. This dynamic shape allows the foot to flex for a powerful energy kick. A long, flat toe enhances push off, while the plantar-flexed pylon handles forward progression. The Nike Spike Pad has been designed exclusively for the Cheetah. It provides specialized traction that has been optimized for the blade.

Otto Bock - C-Sprint

Good news for transfemoral and transtibial amputees – adults and children – who want to participate in sports. The powerful rotation hydraulics of the 3S80 sport knee joint were optimised especially for running sports, offering dampening characteristics in the swing phase tailored to master even high stride rates. For a secure stance as well as stretching and warm-up exercises, the 3S80 Sport is also equipped with a manual locking mechanism. All sport feet feature an all-terrain profile sole for asphalt, gym floors and natural trails. The Sprinter and Runner for adults are also offered with a spike sole for tartan tracks. On these models, the two types of soles are easy to interchange.

Rush - H20 Foot

The RUSH Foot H2O is the ideal foot for your shower leg or various, non-invasive water sport activities. Available in the tried-and-true RUSH Foot HiPro, RAMPAGE, RAMPAGE LP and ROGUE models and featuring an integrated Vibram sole and custom molded rubber toe wrap. The RUSH Foot H2O collection of feet offer the same great durability and comfort of all the other RUSH feet, but now adds superior traction on slick surfaces. From the shower to the pool, you won’t find a foot that provides this amount of grip and added confidence on slippery surfaces

Upper Extremity Sports Devices


Terminal devices are the distal component of an upper extremity prostheses that replaces the hand. They can be removed and replaced with a different device as needed. Specialized terminal devices are customized for a sport, hobby, or profession.

Virginia Prosthetics offers a vast selection of sports adaptive terminal devices for upper extremity amputees. There are devices now available for almost any sport imaginable. In rare instances where there was not, we have custom fabricated specialty devices for some patients.

Prosthetic components today offer the amputee a variety of options that help make participation in recreational activities possible.

So many choices...

Let us help you restore mobility and quality of life and help you return to an active lifestyle which includes previous hobbies, sports, and recreational activities. The possibilities are endless. If you do not see the sport that you are interested in, please contact us. There are many more available including Swimming, Fishing, Mountain Climbing, Weight Lifting, Hockey, Music, Snow Skiing, Martial Arts, and more...