Prosthetic Dynamic Feet


Ossur - Balance Foot S

Developed to support less-active prosthetic users, Balance Foot S is ideal for people who want a lightweight, comfortable foot for everyday use.

The design helps to give users a sense of an improved ankle motion when walking, while the high-performance foam that spans the length of the foot contributes to a fluid heel to toe transition. Combined with a wider than average foot blade and a split toe, this multi-axial foot with good ground adaptation can enhance the feeling of stability and improve mobility.

The anatomical foot cover features a steady-grip sole and a sandalclamping toe, intended to offer better barefoot stability on wet or slippery surfaces and the opportunity to wear different types of footwear.

Ossur - Balance Foot S Torsion

Balance Foot S is a lightweight, waterproof foot specifically designed to meet the needs of low active walkers. For these users, the cushioning heel foam with gradual stiffening and wide sole blade provides enhanced stability perception, moderate push-off, and the perception of a smooth rollover. The torsion shock unit offers valuable shock absorption and helps to restore lost rotational capabilities.

The anatomical foot cover features a steady-grip sole and a sandal clamping toe, offering better barefoot stability on wet or slippery surfaces and the opportunity to wear different types of footwear.

Ossur - Pro-Flex Pivot

Pro-Flex Pivot is a prosthetic foot that uses complementing levers connected through pivots to create mechanically-powered push off. Combining 27° of ankle motion and significantly greater ankle power than conventional carbon fiber feet, it closely mimics regular biomechanics, delivering a proven 11% reduction in load on the contralateral limb.

Features a mechanically-powered push off with 27° of ankle motion. Sound-side protection by reducing load and impact by 11% and 15% reduction in external knee varus moment. Natural progression of center of pressure which closely mimics the natural foot.

Ossur - Pro-Flex XC

Pro-Flex XC has been developed to comfortably accommodate the relatively active user, who enjoys hiking and jogging, as well as level ground walking. Comes with an aesthetically pleasing, anatomical footcover and integrated male pyramid.

Unity for Pro-Flex XC is available either pre-fit with a new foot or as a retrofit option. Used in combination with Iceross® Seal-In® liners, Unity provides advanced vacuum suspension for the socket during ambulation, without the constraints of an external sleeve. It adds minimal weight to the existing prosthesis and its simple mechanical design means there are no batteries to worry about. Reliable, effective and easy to use, it is designed to improve balance and prevent skin problems.

Ossur - Re-Flex Rotate

Re-Flex Rotate is a robust foot, lettings users to everyday life, work and leisure.  The Re-Flex Rotate fulfills the challenging requirements of active users, combining optimal shock absorption and dynamic energy return with comfort. 

It Features a sleek profile and maintenance-free design, it is designed for active users requiring high performance, a comfortable everyday foot.  An integrated torsion cell reduces shear and rotary forces, while protecting residual limb.  The shock absorption via a titanium coil spring reduces impact to the body, while enhancing both control and comfort during walking and other activities

Ossur - Re-Flex Shock

Re-Flex Shock offers the best vertical shock absorption of all the Össur mechanical feet. With dynamic energy return and all around responsiveness the foot is a great choice for active users.

The composite spring in front provides optimal shock absorption that reduces impact subjected to the body. Enhancing both control and comfort during walking and other activities.

Ability Dynamics - RUSH

Thanks to the unique sole plate and virtually indestructible unique glass composite material the RUSH 87 delivers the smoothest transition from heel strike to toe-off of and the most realistic and responsive foot and ankle motion available. Patients will experience unparalleled comfort, range of motion and zero dead spots in every step.

The energy return of this foot enables amputees to easily traverse the most aggressive terrain while experiencing zero dead spots.

Ability Dynamics - Rush Kid

Built kid tough, the RUSH Kid™ pediatric foot can handle even the most extreme low or high clearance patient. Run, jump, play…the ultra low profile build delivers the most dynamic energy return and smooth roll-through of any pediatric foot on the market today. Mud, water, sand….no problem! The all-terrain RUSH Kid™ was built with active kids in mind. Say goodbye to broken carbon feet!

Freedom Inovations - Renegade AT

Setting a new standard for versatile, durable performance, the Renegade AT (All Terrain) prosthetic foot combines proprietary EnduraCore® Technology with multi-axial function in an extremely lightweight and uniquely integrated design. Add to this exceptional shock absorption and up to 35% greater energy return, and the result is a prosthetic foot that’s truly game-changing. Also available in a low profile version LP-AT.

Freedom Inovations - Runway

Amputees greatly value the versatility offered by the Runway adjustable heel height prosthetic foot. Its anatomical gliding ankle maintains appropriate foot alignment to provide knee stability and consistent performance at all heel heights. Users can adjust from a flat heel for sandals or walking barefoot at home, up to a 2 inch heel for dress shoes and even cowboy boots. The Runway is the only heel height adjustable product manufactured using carbon fiber, which stores and returns energy so that users can walk farther, faster, longer.

Otto Bock - Trias

The overall structure of the 1C31 Trias+ is similar to the human foot.. When studying the ground reaction forces, there are relatively small differences between the prosthetic and contra lateral side – this is a result of the foot’s excellent shock absorption and terminal stance support properties. Conjoined dual springs in the heel and forefoot provide shock absorption at heel strike as well as a more natural rollover. Secure, controlled movements give greater confidence while walking because the foot adapts well to various walking speeds and uneven surfaces.

Otto Bock - Triton

The prosthetic feet in the Triton family of products are based on the interactive triangular spring system. Three interconnected spring elements ensure remarkably smooth rollover characteristics. Thanks to their outstanding dynamics and flexibility, all Triton feet are suitable for a broad range of applications from everyday use to recreational sports. Features include:

• Noticeable plantar flexion at heel strike

• Split forefoot for more safety, stability and control on uneven surfaces

• Adaptation of heel stiffness to individual user needs through use of included heel wedges

Active Suction Suspension


Otto Bock - Harmony Vacuum Suspension System

Improving the fit of your prosthesis can give you greater freedom through more confidence and improved limb health. The innovative Harmony pumps pull air out of your socket for a secure, intimate fit from the time you put your prosthesis on in the morning until you’re ready to take it off at night. When your prosthesis is securely in place, you have a better sense of where your leg is in space (proprioception), allowing you more freedom to move without wondering if your leg will slip or slide. The Harmony System can even relieve problems with fluctuating limb volume. Some studies show that the Harmony System improves circulation*, thereby helping to maintain the size of your residual limb throughout the day. This relieves you of the burden to add socks to maintain socket fit.

Prosthetic Knee Devices


Otto Bock - 3R80

The 3R80’s rotary hydraulic responds to ground reaction forces during the stance phase of gait. This gives the user exceptional reliability and confidence to know that their knee will deliver stability when they need it. It utilizes a high hydraulic resistance to prevent involuntary flexion of the knee. Accommodates a wide range of speeds for active amputees but is easy for you to fine-tune stance and swing characteristics. The 3R80’s rotary hydraulic principle is particularly advantageous on uneven surfaces, slopes and when walking down stairs. It creates a high level of stance phase control and boosts the confidence of the user.

Ossur - Total Knee 2100

This highly refined polycentric knee with 3-phase hydraulic swing control is designed to withstand the rigors of more active amputees. With a 25% increased fluid capacity over Model 2000 and cooling fins for greater reliability, the 2100 offers the ultimate in stability, control, efficiency and durability. The Total Knee is the go-to knee for superior shock absorption, increased comfort and a more natural gait. Mid-swing shortening offers increased toe clearance during swing to prevent hip-hiking and the 3-phase hydraulic swing control accommodates changes in walking speed. Plus, the adjustable stance flexion feature mimics the knee flexion that occurs during early stance, reducing shock and stress on the residual limb.

Prosthetic Hip Devices


Otto Bock - Helix 3D

With the unique Helix3D hip joint system, Otto Bock is setting a new fitting standard for hip joint amputees after a technology standstill that lasted several decades.

Helix3D results in three-dimensional hip movements. The novel joint structure with several axes results in an especially harmonious gait pattern. The joint structure of the Helix3D makes it possible to shorten the leg in the swing phase, thus reducing the risk of tripping and falling. Thanks to the large flexion angle, putting on shoes or getting into a vehicle is easier on a day-to-day basis. The Helix3D hip joint system also allows you to sit upright in comfort.

With its special spring-hydraulic combination, the Helix3D hip joint system largely compensates for lost hip musculature and reduces the amount of energy expended while walking with the prosthesis. It facilitates a soft, controlled heel strike and harmonious rollover of the foot under full load.